​Do the organics really work?

Yes, they really work.  All of our products are specifically designed to improve your soil and feed the grass.  We have scientific data and customer testimonials that demonstrate superior plant growth rates and resistance to stress.  Harvard is currently using our products along with Universal Studios in Orlando, FL.  

Are the products safe to use around children and pets?

Yes.  All products used are natural and non-toxic.  Children and pets may re-enter the lawn immediately after an application.

Are the products liquid or granular and how are they applied?

Our featured programs are 100% liquid.  We will use granular products to address specific needs.  The liquid products are applied using a sprayer and granular products are applied with a spreader.  Again, all products we use on your lawn are 100% safe for children and pets immediately following application. 

Is it more expensive?

Probably not.  Our programs are organics based on science not organics based on lots of fertilizer.  We aim to efficiently improve the health of the soil and lawn, creating a more sustainable landscape.  The costs associated with a transition to an organic system is far outweighed by the piece of mind our organic system provides.  Organic fertilization systems save money because the lawn and landscape becomes more self-sustainable year after year. 

Does it take longer for organic products to work?

Our products do take a little longer but not much.  The reason synthetic, chemical fertilizers, applied by chemical lawn care companies, work so quickly is because they are water-soluble and dissolve and leach immediately.  The downside to this is that up to 60% of the product ends up "off target" and inevitably in ground and surface water.

​Can your products be applied near bodies of water and will they contribute to algae blooms?

All of our products can be applied near bodies of water because they do not contain synthetic sources of nitrogen and phosphorus.  They will not contribute to algae blooms because of this.  Our products are also chelated, meaning they are available to the plant immediately.  Liquid applications are also more efficient and greatly reduce any run off effect.  

Frequently Asked Questions